Who We Are

The journey started some four decades ago when a six year old gifted her grandpa a self-embroidered keepsake. Even as a teenager she spent hours designing her personal summer wardrobe each year. This passion converted into the first bridal dress customized on special request for family and the rest as they say is history.

Shiro is a team work of like-minded people who have common values, principles and ethics. As a creative entity we are committed to bringing our customers the liberty of self-identity through the impact of Dressing. We aim to influence not only the power of image but the approach to it.

We thrive on the values of creative honesty, self-expression, dedication & team work.

Business Opportunity

If you are artistic, believe in the power of expression & collaboration; we invite you to explore with us this unfolding journey towards influencing people and impacting lifestyles.


Find us in the cosmopolitan, vibrant, ethnically diverse and a most entrepreneurial city of Karachi, Pakistan.